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Why use Acanthis?

Many businesses are in the dark about the parts of their business that drive growth, profitability and value. This is because their data is in so many places, they don’t have the time or knowledge to analyse the information and often, they cannot afford to hire an expert advisor.

Real-time visibility on industry-specific metrics.

Improvements to key performance indicators.

Increases to overall business value.

We are not just another dashboard tool

Acanthis analyses your data and provides you with performance recommendations for you to action in a way that you can understand.



Visibility through real-time analytics

We integrate with your many data sources and combine the data to give you a performance analytics dashboard specific to your industry. We compare your key performance indicators against industry benchmarks to give you a real-time business valuation that you can track over time.



Get actionable insights and guidance

Using AI, your financial and operational data is analysed to highlight key areas of your business that drive performance and Acanthis provides you with meaningful insights and actionable recommendations to improve your business value.



Take actions that create real change

The recommendations that you choose to act upon are used to create an Action Plan to track tasks, set target dates and collaborate with your team or external advisors. If you need further help, you can contact an Acanthis partner to provide you with further assistance.



Bring all your data together

Acanthis seamlessly and securely connects with your financial and non-financial data sources and uses AI to provide real time updates on your key performance metrics and business value.

How will this benefit me?

How will this benefit me?

Acanthis allows you to spend less time analysing data which allows you to get back to running your business, drive sales and deliver better customer service.

As a small business you need a better summary in real time of the performance of your business so you know what you need to tweak on the go. You end up spending so much time on the things that might not matter and have no time for the things that do.



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