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Acanthis is an intelligent application for businesses that helps them make better decisions so they can increase their performance and value.

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Get visibility over the parts of your business that drive operating efficiency and improve your business value.


We give you actionable insights into the areas of your business that really matter and allow you to choose which ones you would like to tackle first.

Action Plan

Create and track tasks for the parts of your business that need refinement to keep you on track with improving your business.


Integrate with your financial and non-financial data to give you unique visibility on the areas that matter.


Collaborate with the experts on the areas of your business that need refining whether that be accountants, marketing agencies or other advisers.


Acanthis is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure utilising the latest cloud technologies. Data security and protection along with application availability is core to all application design considerations.

And so much more...

Find out how Acanthis will help you to make more informed decisions in your business.

As a small business you need a better summary in real time of the performance of your business so you know what you need to tweak on the go. You end up spending so much time on the things that might not matter and have no time for the things that do.



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