Acanthis was created to empower business owners

We give industry specific visibility and guidance which will allow you to make better decisions on the fly.

Affordable and understandable

So that even small businesses have the guidance that they need and delivered in a way that they understand.

Promoting Collaboration

External advisers through our partner network so that our users have access to experts when they need it most.


Our Vision

Using emerging technology, we will empower business owners to drive value in their business by making more informed decisions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help millions of businesses globally to have greater visibility, guidance and increase the value of their business.

Our Values

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable information, guidance and education

We promote fairness and equality in and out of the workplace

We strive to make our friends and family proud and be role models for our kids

Meet our Team

Dean Sammut

Founder & CEO

Dean is an award winning Chartered Accountant who has been helping SMB’s for over a decade to create better businesses. He set out to build Acanthis to give millions of small businesses globally the same level of visibility and insights that only larger organisations have access to.

Troy Haddon

Co-Founder & CTO

Troy is an experienced SaaS architect who previously co-founded an award-winning SaaS patient flow data analytics company for the health industry. With post-graduate studies and experience in business analytics Troy has a passion for using data to improve business operations.

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